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powernet IT Solutions

Our solutions help you

  • Maximise Productivity

    Maximise Productivity

    The products and services PowerNET provides are proven to increase the efficiency within the businesses we partner with.

  • Streamline Communication

    Streamline Communication

    By partnering with PowerNET you can set a high standard in telecommunications and have the support, knowledge and technology to maintain your position.

  • Protect yout Data

    Protect your Data

    By utilising our PowerCONTROL products you can bring peace of mind into your business knowing that you have IT Security professionals handling the job for you.

  • Get in the Cloud

    Get in the Cloud

    All of the services in our PowerCLOUD suite have been designed to make your transition to the cloud seamless.

Our team understand that there is no “one-size fits all”

When it comes to your IT requirements. You are unique and our thirty plus technical staff and eight specialised consultants adapt their approach accordingly.

Meet our people

Our Services

  • PowerCONNECT

    We know that Australians are a pretty competitive bunch and love to get ahead of the pack, so it comes as no surprise that the most prominent point of interest for many businesses is internet connectivity.

  • PowerCARE

    Whether it is an extra resource to complement your existing IT team, ad-hoc support for busier times of the year, support on a tricky task or outsourcing your IT department entirely, PowerNET can assist you.

  • PowerCLOUD

    We can quickly provision a new server for you to connect to from anywhere. Our hosted servers provide flexibility as they can grow with your business, and can be scaled up or down depending on your requirements.

  • PowerCONTROL

    One of the major challenges in maintaining IT infrastructure is trying to predict what will fail and when. We can prevent many system failures from ever happening.

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