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How One Transport Business Successfully Drove Into the 21st Century By Way of the Cloud

by John Lane - Mar 21, 2018

Ventura Bus Lines found itself fighting many of the complications that come along with having a mature business status. If they were going to continue to grow at the rate at which they needed, they had to prioritise ways to improve efficiency in their own internal operations. IT was identified as a prime area for not only these efficiencies and optimisations but also in terms of cost savings. However, this was a challenge that they couldn't handle on their own. 

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The Top 4 Digital Transformation Challenges You’re Likely to Face (and How to Best Overcome Them)

by John Lane - Mar 14, 2018

When you’re talking about something as inherently malleable as technology, "challenge" and "adversity" are two things that you can never truly eliminate. The key to success in terms of digital transformation has less to do with trying to totally eliminate all potential problems and is more about knowing how you’re going to react when you do reach these pain points along the journey.


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Powernet Celebrates International Women’s Day

by Victoria Pollard - Mar 7, 2018

Powernet is a proud supporter of International Women’s Day. First celebrated globally in 1911 to press for gender parity, the day belongs to not just women, but everyone who cares about equal human rights regardless of gender.

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Recovery from a Cyberattack: What You Need to Know

by Daniel Williams - Mar 1, 2018

It's the type of situation that absolutely nobody wants to find themselves in. One minute you're at an afternoon meeting, talking with employees about that big project you're working on for your most important client. The next minute you've got a member of your IT staff rushing to the room, letting you know that they've detected suspicious activity on your network.

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6 Things to Know About the Future of Cybersecurity

by John Lane - Feb 27, 2018

Cybersecurity is now one of the most pressing issues that businesses face regardless of the the industry that it's operating in. You no longer have to be a tech organisation to think about things like encryption and two-factor authentication because today, there is no business too small or too obscure to worry about strengthening your cybersecurity efforts in this dangerous digital world we're now living in.

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Infographic: Can You Survive a Cyber Attack? 

by John Lane - Feb 21, 2018

Can You Survive a Cyber Attack? 


There is a lot at stake with more cyber attacks targeting businesses and organisations.


As the new Data Breach Notification Legislation, or The Privacy Amendment Act of 2017,  takes full effect tomorrow —  22 February 2018, stakeholders have been made more accountable with hefty fines for failure to report a data breach. 

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The Top 4 Ways Businesses Are Hacked... and How to Protect Yours

by Ren Thompson - Feb 19, 2018

To say that hacks and other instances of cyberattacks are on the rise is something of a dramatic understatement. According to one recent study, there are more than 230,000 new malware samples being launched over the Internet every single day on average. Likewise, cybercrime damages worldwide are expected to hit $6 trillion every year by as soon as 2021 — up from just $3 trillion in 2016. 

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Australia's New Data Breach Legislation: What You Need to Know

by John Lane - Feb 14, 2018

Australia's new data breach legislation takes the form of The Privacy Amendment Act of 2017. It makes a small-yet-significant change to the Privacy Act of 1988 that will officially go into effect on February 22, 2018. 


Understanding exactly what this new legislation is, and the potential consequences that it holds as a result of noncompliance, is essential to operating safely and securely in the digital age moving forward.

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The Hidden Costs of a Cyber Attack: What You Need to Know

by Ren Thompson - Feb 13, 2018

In layman's terms, a cyber crime is simply defined as a particular type of criminal activity that is carried out A) by a computer and B) over the Internet. If you've ever had a work computer struck by a virus, have had an unauthorised intrusion into your network, or have fallen victim to a ransomware scheme, you’ve already experienced  a cyberattack whether you realised it or not.

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The Most Common Cybersecurity Threats that Businesses Face in the Modern Era

by John Lane - Feb 8, 2018

According to a study sponsored by IBM Security and conducted by the Ponemon Institute, the average cost of a data breach or other cybersecurity attacks in 2017 came in at approximately $3.62 million.


While this is a healthy 10% decrease over the same figure from the previous year, it’s still the type of expense that most small- and medium-sized businesses cannot afford to deal with.

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