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Private, Public, and Hybrid Cloud Technology: The Differences You Need to Know

by John Lane - Jun 29, 2018

In an era where cloud spending on a global basis is projected to increase to $162 billion per year by as soon as 2020 according to Forbes, it's clear that organisations around the world have begun to embrace the unique opportunity that this technology represents. You've likely even already considered a digital transformation for your business, hoping to use it as an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage into your own industry that will carry you forward into the next decade.

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The Major Benefits of Replacing Old Hardware: What You Need to Know

by John Lane - Jun 7, 2018

As the financial year draws to a close once again, many companies have significant portions of their budget left over and, as a result, are looking for the best possible ways in which to spend it. Despite this, far too many business leaders continue to overlook one of the most obvious — and effective — ways to do precisely that.

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Infographic: Can You Survive a Cyber Attack? 

by John Lane - Feb 21, 2018

Can You Survive a Cyber Attack? 


There is a lot at stake with more cyber attacks targeting businesses and organisations.


As the new Data Breach Notification Legislation, or The Privacy Amendment Act of 2017,  takes full effect tomorrow —  22 February 2018, stakeholders have been made more accountable with hefty fines for failure to report a data breach. 

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Your IT Infrastructure: Why It is the Key to Your Business’ Success

by John Lane - Nov 29, 2017

Regardless of the type of business you’re running, the industry that you’re operating in or even the products or services that you offer, to say that IT is important is something of an understatement. In many ways, IT is the key to everything. It’s how your employees communicate with and collaborate with one another. It’s how you develop (and maintain) meaningful, long-lasting relationships with your audience. It’s how you deliver your goods and services to that audience, thus holding up your end of the promise you made when you began those relationships in the first place.

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