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Commercial Kitchen Company is Queensland’s leading supplier of quality commercial kitchen equipment and catering supplies. Proudly Australian-owned and operated, they specialise in kitchen design and fit-out solutions and are known to have created and refurbished some of the most dynamic kitchens in the hospitality industry. They pride themselves on supplying and delivering a high standard of both customer service and quality products that are tailored to suit the budget and needs of all of their clients.

However, while Commercial Kitchen Company has been leading the way in kitchen equipment and design, they were experiencing IT problems that have been holding them back from further growth. Finally, in 2011 they decided to turn to Powernet to help them overcome these issues.

 Over the past 7 years, Powernet­ has provided us with constant IT support and advice when required. We now have very minimal downtime due to the updated systems that they have put in place.

The Challenge

Commercial Kitchen Company’s primary problem was a series of internet dropouts in their office, which seriously impaired business operations for extended periods of time.

 “We were having constant internet dropouts in our Head Office branch which resulted in our business not being able to trade/sell goods. When these dropouts were occurring, we had no access to any applications and our business operations were effectively brought to a halt,” says Eva Vella, General Manager at Commercial Kitchen Company.

 On top of internet connectivity problems, Commercial Kitchen Company also did not have a disaster recovery plan in place, leaving the business at a significant risk if an unprecedented security event were to happen. This was particularly concerning with their internet dropout situation, as the company would be at risk of losing critical data along with their business functionality.

Commercial Kitchen Company
The Solution

Realising that current IT model was outdated and was limiting the company’s growth potential, Commercial Kitchen Company signed a managed services agreement with Powernet.

Powernet’s team of tech experts assessed Commercial Kitchen Company’s IT environment and proposed solutions that not only fit with the business’s requirements, but was scalable enough to adapt to the future growth of the business. One of these solutions was the implementation of a Datto backup system, as well an upgrade to a Telstra Enterprise internet link, which would minimise the occurrences of internet dropouts, while also protecting critical business data assests in the case of a ‘disaster event’.

“Powernet has been able to find solutions that worked really well for our business. Our Brisbane office is now secure and we no longer have dropouts,” says Vella.

As part of their managed services agreement with Powernet, Commercial Kitchen Company receives support on their day-to-day IT needs, including: everyday IT maintenance, monitoring solutions, and over-the-phone technical support. Having these services available ensures that the business receives IT support and solutions as soon as any problems arise.

“Powernet’s everyday service has helped make the running of our business more consistent and efficient, with uninterrupted service”.

The Results

Through their managed services agreement with Powernet, Commercial Kitchen Company now operates with confidence in their IT systems providing them with the efficiency, reliability, and security to scale their business.

 “Over the past 7 years, Powernet­ has provided us with constant IT support and advice when required. We now have very minimal downtime due to the updated systems that they have put in place,” says Vella.

Commercial Kitchen Company now has a fully-upgraded and scalable internet link, which has successfully eliminated the occurrences of dropouts in their head office. Along with this, they also now have an off-site disaster recovery backup system that ensures that business data is kept secure.

“Throughout our time with Powernet, they have been reliable and consistent, with trustworthy solutions that are invaluable to our business. Powernet has really exceeded our initial expectations and we would certainly recommend them to anyone who needs a service provider who they can always depend on.”

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