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Who is Sophos?

In a time when IT networks have become increasingly complicated and businesses find themselves faced with advanced security attacks, Sophos offers complete and simplified security solutions for more than 100 million users and business in 150 countries. 

Backed by SophosLabs, these security solutions range from from award-winning encryption, endpoint security, web, email, mobile, and network security that keeps businesses protected through its global network of threat intelligence centres.

With a collaborative security platform that communicates between devices seamlessly and in real-time, Sophos brings together a unified defence system and an easy-to-deploy security strategy that empowers businesses with the tools they need to protect themselves from the latest security threats of our time. 

How it Works


Sophos Central is an integrated network of tools that work together to instantly stop risky behavior from penetrating your network. No other product on the market is as intuitive, as collaborative, and as fast as Sophos Central. It’s brilliantly simple and effectively secure.


Sophos has created a smart and straightforward user dashboard that allows your IT team to easily view and customise network activity. It also manages devices & users through straightforward and highly effective configuration controls.


The elegant user dashboard allows you to instantly view web activity and identify potential threats. The Security Heartbeat seamlessly shares information from endpoints to provide real-time data on connected devices, warnings, and at-risk activities throughout your network.


Sophos gives you the control to take action on these critical insights. It allows you to manage applications and apply labels that immediately set rules for the endpoints to follow. You can also prioritise app importance and maximise bandwidth for the tools that power your business — all with the simple click of a button in the control centre.


Allow your team to securely access business documents from their mobile devices. Sit back and relax as your team safely works on the go, increasing productivity, and decreasing risk. Never miss an opportunity to work out of pocket when the need arises.

How Can It Benefit Your Business?

Cloud Managed Platform


Bundle all of your security solutions into one product with Sophos Central. Sophos’ cloud-managed platform gives you instant access and oversight of each crucial security solution protecting your business. Its easy-to-use dashboard connects all of your products together in one unifying pane. Managing security has never been easier.

Analyse Data in Real Time


The user dashboard shows instant insights into your security tools. You always know the status of your applications and network to monitor and take action on all activities taking place in your system. Its unique Security Heartbeat shares data in real time, reducing the risk of threats going unnoticed.

Respond Automatically to Incidents


Sophos’ products share real-time information with each other to stop security attacks before they have a chance to penetrate your network. Sophos Mobile and Sophos Wireless work together to flag and instantly prevent non-compliant devices from operating on your network. The ability to identify mission-critical applications and simultaneously block unwanted apps is an exclusive service that only Sophos’ firewall provides and it is built to be more coordinated than attackers. 

Protection On the Go


Sophos Mobile Security ensures information accessed on mobile devices is protected. It allows your team to securely work on the go after enrolling their device on our flexible self-service portal. With a non-intrusive system, it takes little effort to deploy and save unwanted stress and worry.

Intelligent End-User Training


Sophos created the only Phish Threat Training platform on the market. It allows you to measure employee and user-susceptibility to identify risk levels across your users and immediately fix it. You can also simulate realistic phishing attacks and activate over 30+ training modules to squash problems on the spot.

Unmatched Server Protection


Powerful Artificial Intelligence is a game changer for security. Deep learning technology works faster and smarter than our human counterparts. Sophos has developed the industry’s best detection rates based on the AI it has developed and integrated into its firewall and endpoint systems. Sophos’ technology provides unmatched protection against increasingly complicated threats on different networks.




Work securely on any device you want with Sophos Mobile’s Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) and security solution that helps you to save time and easily manage and secure traditional mobile devices.

Email Security & Server Protection


With AI-powered and predictive email security, you get a unified and a smarter email solution that includes encryption, mobile, and endpoint protection to safeguard the privacy of your business and your customers using one account that is integrated with Sophos Central.


Server protection also ensures your network is protected from the latest security threats so you can focus on more critical aspects of running your business.



Get synchronised security with easy to deploy and manage wireless networks so you’re always connected and up and running while having the ability to monitor the health of connected endpoints.

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