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Empowering Your Business through Strategic Information Technology

As a trusted managed services provider, we help your business manage the most critical and disruptive technology challenges today through strategic IT solutions that empower you to manage growth, improve profit, productivity, and operational efficiency.


You can trust that we can help you find your competitive advantage so you can revolutionise your business to work at the speed of the latest industry and technological innovations.


We cover all aspects of your technology needs from strategic planning and systems design to implementation and long-term management.




Powernet’s IT Strategy Consulting Services



  • A partnership with Powernet IT Solutions means more than keeping up with the latest innovations in business and technology – it means working alongside consultants who are creating those innovations every day.


  • Powernet's consultants provide expertise at the intersection of business and technology, supporting our clients in enhancing competitiveness and creating new sources of economic value.


  • Our consultants work with businesses and their peers, seeking to close the gap between business and information technology.


  • Whatever your IT issues, our consultants will be able to quickly assess and understand your IT environment and develop a plan which is efficient, effective and economical.

Project Management


  • Technology is the major source of innovation and transformation in contemporary organisations and is critical for a long-term competitive position and sustainability.


  • Business IT Projects are assuming greater strategic and operational importance in organisations, with the success of the organisation often linked to the timely and agile implementation of IT, and management of change.


  • Powernet's project consulting services help leading organisations create value and achieve competitive advantage through the optimised alignment of technology and business strategy.


  • Our people have the technical and business skills to be able to quickly integrate into your business and ensure effective project planning, management and implementation – we are accountable and results-oriented, and can manage it all for you.

Strategy Development


  • Transform your business by utilising business intelligence tools to analyse your data to gain deeper insight into what your customers and employees want and need.


  • Develop strategies to unleash business value from new, innovative technologies like mobile, social, cloud and analytics - increasing IT efficiency and effectiveness to drive growth across the organisation.


  • Our approach brings together solution frameworks to help articulate future direction, infuse and align your business strategy with technology opportunities, and build a roadmap to innovate your business. It is fundamentally changing the way we do business, delivering greater efficiencies, driving deeper customer connections and introducing new business models.





IT Consulting Services Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t fall for the “one size fits all” trap. We tailor support plans to suit your business requirements. We offer three varieties of support plans which can be customised to meet your requirements:


  1. Unlimited Support – “All you can eat” based on the numbers of users and servers in your environment. Proactive Support which allows you to budget on your IT spend.
  2. Monthly Support Hours – Do you have a feel for how many hours of support you need per month? This plan allows you to purchase a set number of hours per month.
  3. Pay as you go – This is the least common support type we provide, but we understand that businesses may just want to pay as they use support services.

Yes we do! We understand that IT never sleeps! We have consultants online all year round to assist you and your business.

Yes, we will always come onsite when needed. Face to face contact is key and some things are better done onsite!

Yes all of our support consultants are based in our Australian offices, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. We have an extensive partner network who can provide support in states where we don’t have a physical presence.


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If you are in need of the right Strategic Managed IT Services provider or an IT Strategy consultant that can help you transform your business, get in touch with us today and we’ll help you explore your options.