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Managed Support Services

Do you want support beyond “ticketing” and “issue management”?

Wouldn’t it be nice if your IT cyber security company was proactive with recommendations on strengthening and growing your business?

Why Powernet for Your IT?

Others might view IT support as a means to manage your systems, but for over 1,000 clients each year, we view it as being the team who’s dedicated to your business growth, whatever it takes.

Through support, strategic IT consulting and solutions architecture, we aim to provide the right technology, security and advice to build you a business-grade solution that gets business buzzing.

How We Can Help

Support when you need it

Get faster turnaround times for system issues, minimise disruption, and reduce operational costs with both onsite and remote professional support. We aim to maintain critical processes and resolve issues quickly and efficiently through our automation and request management system. You get a dedicated support team to connect with so you know every request being raised is looked into by experts who know what they’re doing!

Strategic IT Consulting and Security

Work with Powernet’s team of solutions experts to ensure your strategy and IT investment is aligned with your business goals and objectives. Be in full control with how you want your business to grow.

Solutions Architecture and Design

After analysing your company’s operating environment, Powernet’s team of solutions architects find the best ways to optimise your company’s infrastructure, building solutions that fit the needs of your business. Our dedicated team works to build solutions for long-term growth. We put your business before the technology.

Project Management

Don’t entrust critical business projects to anyone else. Let Powernet’s professional project team give your business what it needs to successfully scope, plan, manage, and deliver projects from start up to completion.

Technology Procurement

Get your business first-hand access to the latest high-end IT infrastructure today through our procurement management system that is geared to meet clients’ delivery expectations even during periods of extreme demand.

IT Roadmap and Business Reviews

Stay on top of your system performance and strategy execution through regular reviews. This way you know everything is running smoothly and that potential issues are identified and subsequently resolved. Also, importantly that your strategy is up to date and relevant at all times.

Benefits of Managed IT

Reduced Risk

The ability to have your system managed by a team of professionals who are compliant with security standards and regularly updating the training means you minimise the risk of costly mismanagement and poor advice. Focus on your business growth and let us worry about your systems for you!

Proactive Solutions

Detect problems before they happen and get a better overall performance for your IT system with no downtime and lesser glitches.

Controlled and Budgeted Spending

A professional managed service provider can tailor a solution according to your specific needs so you can ensure you stay on target to meet your business goals.

New Technology

Our team helps you stay on top of new technologies available that can help scale your business and better maximise your time and other critical resources.

Predictable Support Costs

Adopting a managed service model means you no longer have to worry about expensive and fluctuating IT maintenance costs. With a trusted partner looking out for your overall IT health, you can schedule regular engagement and maintenance for fixed monthly fee.

Dedicated Team of Professionals

With your managed service agreement, you get your very own dedicated team of IT professionals who know what they are doing and can help you immediately address any issues specific to your business IT needs.


Managed Services Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t fall for the “one size fits all” trap. We tailor support plans to suit your business requirements. We offer three varieties of support plans which can be customised to meet your requirements:


  1. Unlimited Support – “All you can eat” based on the numbers of users and servers in your environment. Proactive Support which allows you to budget on your IT spend.
  2. Monthly Support Hours – Do you have a feel for how many hours of support you need per month? This plan allows you to purchase a set number of hours per month.
  3. Pay as you go – This is the least common support type we provide, but we understand that businesses may just want to pay as they use support services.

Yes we do! We understand that IT never sleeps! We have consultants online all year round to assist you and your business.

Yes, we will always come onsite when needed. Face to face contact is key and some things are better done onsite!

Yes all of our support consultants are based in our Australian offices, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. We have an extensive partner network who can provide support in states where we don’t have a physical presence.

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