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Internet and Networks

Are slow servers wasting your time?

Load times lagging team productivity?

How many minutes have you wasted waiting for the server to connect?

Having an upgraded network that seamlessly connects your entire workforce is necessary to gain an edge over your competition, whether it be through productivity or even the experience you offer your employees.

Why Powernet for Your Internet/Network?

Your business is unlike any other. So the networks that connect your staff and clients should be too.

Our “Your Business Before Technology” Approach ensures every client of ours has a solution that’s just that, theirs.

PowerCONNECT will not only help your business’ maximise efficiency and productivity, you can trust that your networks are optimised for enhanced network security and quality.

How We Can Help

Secure High-Speed Internet & Wireless Networks

A secure, high-speed and scalable network that consistently performs as expected can empower you and your team with everything you need to meet your business goals. Whether a fixed line or wireless no business strategy can ever succeed without connectivity.

Professional Network Consultants

Having a team of network experts who stay on top of your business’s needs, we’re equipped with the best solutions and partnered with the best vendors. Business-grade network solutions built by qualified professionals.

Network Optimisation

Network optimisation plays a key role in boosting performance and allowing maximum throughput. Our Network Monitoring and Management maps, monitors and optimises your network for maximum productivity.

Benefits of Internet/ Network Solutions

Enhanced Network Security

Empowering your business with a high-speed network is not enough. You have to be equipped with the right tools to maintain the security of your network.

PowerCONNECT gives you everything you need to protect your systems and data so you can worry less about cyber attacks, malware and other malicious attacks on your network.

Enables a High Level of Network Availability

Business with managed network services are able to attain only the best in service availability. They are assured higher levels of network uptime and an overall faster response time. We often employ network redundancy through a variety of available services.

Flexible Integrations

Maximise your network performance for a seamless integration of voice and data networks and achieve high levels of productivity throughout your workforce.

We work with your team towards your business goals by supplying a reliable and stable network that can grow with your business. Working with trusted partners we can seamlessly integrate business-grade voice services to further leverage your network investment.

Quality of Service

Enjoy better network management and an overall improved quality of service with a managed service provider like Powernet who work to ensure your system is always at peak performance.

With PowerCONNECT’s built-in Quality of Service(QoS), you can trust that your daily operation stays uninterrupted and any bottlenecks are quickly resolved.

Controlled Operating Costs of your Network

Implementing managed network services will reduce operational, maintenance and infrastructure costs. Moreover, these costs become better controlled and more predictable when they take the form of a fixed monthly cost.

The Right Technology, Managed

Through managed network services, your staff will have more time to focus on their primary business objectives. We do this by combining a high-performance network with high availability and flexibility.

Furthermore, managed network services provide access to business-grade technologies not available on the open market.

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