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Your Computers Could Be Putting Your Business at Risk

The world is more connected than ever, and this comes with enhanced risks. Your company’s outdated devices can leave your business more vulnerable than ever before.

Studies show that 40% of S&P businesses will not be around in 10 years if they do not adapt to the modern age of technology (Forbes). The consequences of using outdated and unsupported software can be loss in productivity, increased security threats, increased infrastructure costs, and lack of flexibility.

Don’t let outdated software hold you back. Microsoft Office is the solution your business needs.

Best-in-Class Productivity with Microsoft 365 Solution

 Make productivity your competitive advantage. Here are reasons why millions of organisations are switching to the Microsoft Toolbox to power their productivity...


Easier, Real-Time Collaboration across Teams

Take collaboration and teamwork to a whole new level with Microsoft Teams. It’s workplace chat, video meetings, file storage, and app integration capability all in one platform — allowing everyone to work on the same goal and achieve more.

Robust Data and Cross-Device Security

When it comes to data security, you can be confident that Microsoft is ahead of the curve. Microsoft’s integrated capability allows teams to securely communicate and access apps and work information wherever they are — with the confidence that their work is protected from security threats. So they can focus on doing what they do best.

Access from Anywhere

Be modern and mobile with Microsoft Office. With Microsoft’s highly secure, integrated ecosystem, your teams remain effective anywhere, no matter what device they use.

Work with What’s Right for You

With Microsoft Office, you know you will get more value for the price. Choose the solutions and tools that fit your needs, without having to pay for applications you don’t use.

Microsoft Walk Through

The Powernet Technology Assessment

Usually priced at $5000, Powernet offers you a tech audit for $2000 to check if your networks, policies, and devices are compliant with today's set solution standards and best practice recommendations.  

Here's what we review....


Cloud Infrastructure

An audit of your cloud infrastructure and if it able to deliver superior data security, reduced tech costs, and better connectivity for better collaboration across the organisation.

Server & Network Infrastructure

An audit of your servers and networks' ability to provide seamless connection across your workforce that can get you ahead of the competition.

Policy, Procedure, and Compliance

A look into your IT policies, procedures, and compliance and its alignment to your business for easy managing of processes  and system failure prevention.

Network Protection

 A look into your capacity to deliver real-time 24/7 network monitoring, automated  back-ups, and self-healing tech so you stay ahead of outages and data loss.

Business Continuity

An audit of your strategic business continuity plans and back-up systems so your business stays open no matter the disruption.

Modern Office

A look into your workplace and its capacity for real-time communication, mobile collaboration, and remote work flexibility options. 


An audit of your end-to-end IT security solution and how effective it is at preventing potential cyber threats and mitigating system failure so you don’t have to worry about compromised IT security.


An audit of your capacity to deliver centralised protection across all endpoints that are connected to the corporate IT network.

Asset Management

An audit of your capacity to deliver excellent asset governance that enhances efficiency and reliability within the business so you can make more informed decisions and build better processes.

Business Intelligence

A look into your capacity to gain strategic insights that can dive deep into customer and staff needs and preferences so you can achieve IT efficiency and growth across the organisation.


An audit of your ability to implement an advanced cloud-unified communications platform that can deliver carrier-grade reliability and functionality to cloud communication.

Account Management

A look into your ability to use aligned resources that helps enable your organisation with strategy, technology education, and employee satisfaction not just sales volume.

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